Toronto City Council Addressing Housing Shortage

Friday Nov 30th, 2018


Bylaw amendments that will permit the construction of laneway suites in residential neighbourhoods in Toronto and East York were approved by city council in late June 2018.

Laneway suites will help address a shortage in rental units while making home ownership more affordable due to their income-generating potential. Homeowners wanting extra income can build on top of their garages to rent, or accommodate family members.

Property owners will be able to apply for permits for the construction of new laneway suites provided that they adhere to a number of conditions:

For instance, they must be no more than two storeys or six-metres-tall and can only contain a single unit. The suites must be separated from the rear of existing homes by a distance of 5 to 7.5 metres, depending on their height, and accessible by Fire Service Vehicles.



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